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News – 11/18/2020

I’m featured on a new record by trumpeter Elliot Bild that is being released next week (11/25/2020). “Isms” was recorded live at Chris’ Jazz Cafe last year, and features some of Philadelphia’s finest jazz musicians. It’s always a treat playing Elliot’s music, check it out! Philadelphia Jazz Project did a really nice writeup about the album!

News – 4/16/2020

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe in the current state of the world.  I thought I’d give a quick update.

I’ve moved all of my students over to Zoom with a lot of success.  This is the only work I have at the moment since all of my gigs have cancelled through at least May.  See my Lessons page for details.

So far I’ve been helped directly with grants from the Jazz Foundation of America, Musicares, the New Music Solidarity Fund, and Philly Music Fest.  Waiting to hear about more of the grants listed below.  If you’re an artist and you’ve lost work because of COVID, apply!

News – 3/18/2020

It’s going on 72 hours since I last left my house.  This COVID-19 is no joke and I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there.  I’ve applied for a few “Artist Relief Funds” that I thought looked promising, so I thought I’d share them here.

Freelancers Relief Fund from Freelancers Union

Philly Music Fest – Philly specific, these guys are truly awesome

Artist Relief Tree has now helped almost 1,000 freelance musicians

Musicares by the Grammys

Philadelphia Performing Artists Emergency Fund – Philly specific!

Equal Sound looks really promising